Not Only A Peel On The Floor

Some poets even tried referring this fruit to a human. If you raised your eyebrow – congrats, I did it too. So these food industry related artists even write poems (I never understood such art tbh) about how sweet bananas are on the inside and have a goddamn bitter cover on the outside. I suppose this comparison made a lot of you rise your eyeballs, too, but I gotta agree with that saying.

So today’s research about bananas is about two very different parts of this fruit and real or doubtful its benefits.


In a normal language – the usual soft part that we eat. Has many benefits:

  • it’s a great energy booster due to those ‘good carbs’ – polysaccharides;
  • exxxtra high in potassium – regulates the intestine’s peristaltic, facilitates homeostasis;
  • also rich in fiber – helps for our indigestion;
  • is a great antioxidant – anti aging benefits;
  • it’s also delicious. I know, that’s the most important, folks 😀

Sadly, there are also some major disadvantages of it:

  • high sugar content, equals fats accumulation, equals weight gain;
  • hola calories – 120kcal in a big one (weight gain again);
  • it doesn’t make you feel full – after some time, you want one more. Then one more. And maybe additional last one later;
  • cause of huge starch amounts bananas are compared to potatoes.



Aka material usually used in cartoons to slip on. Or to be thrown out.

But, according to The British Medical Journal and BusinessInsider, it also has few believe-it-or-not health properties:

  • improves digesting. Surprisingly. The shell of the banana combats the problems of constipation by giving us fiber. So some scientists say we should eat it in small amounts and washed carefully;
  • fights headaches. To reduce a headache you should place it on your forehead with the inside of the shell touching your skin. After approx 15mins, they say you’ll definitely feel better;
  • decreases levels of bad cholesterol aka LDL. Lots of potassium contained also in the banana peel helps to keep arteries clean;
  • makes your skin flawless. If you suffer from acne, all you have to do is wash the affected area well and then rub the inside of the banana peel.

    Also – the greener the peel – the healthier banana. Remember this after putting a bunch in your supermarket.





So, to conclude this whole banana thing – it’s definitely better than any convenience foods for snacking, but, although many benefits, the sugar levels should keep us apart from this fruit in usual times. There are so many healthier alternatives, that a banana shouldn’t be prioritized:)


Now – the easiest way to prepare it. One of the most sugary desserts I let myself to get a bit sometimes. So here’s the super easy recipe:

I) spray your frying pan with some jute or olive oil;

2) fry sliced bananas until they get brown:

Yes, exactly like that:)

I don’t recommend you adding any sauces like maple syrup or similar stuff – as mentioned, bananas are already sweet:)


So have a nice sweet week yall!

With love,

Maria ♥

26 thoughts on “Not Only A Peel On The Floor

  1. I am given to eating carefully washed peels of many fruits and vegetables: apples, peaches, potatoes, and even carrots- if they are scrubbed with a brush or clean cloth. I never have taken to bananas, but do enjoy fried plantain.

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