Is That Fruit-Sweet Really Sweet?

If you asked me that like half a year ago or so, I’d have laughed. Sweet things for me were Krispy Kreme donuts, Kit Kat bars, Oreo cookies and ofc my fave one – Nutella. And now I sometimes just can’t take a look at a mango, banana or papaya. Cause those look too sugary for me.

If more precisely, my receptors changed very much throughout this whole experiment – they adapted to my lowered carbs aka sugars consumption. Things that used to be in a daily norm of mine now are eaten in rare occasions. After all the post about beverages some of you asked me – if juice, smoothies and milkshakes are not the best option, what is then? And the answer is pretty simple – fruits.

So I decided to dedicate a longer time for my fruit research. There will be reviews, pros and cons of every fruit (so it’ll be easier for us to justify and judge some of them) and recipes.

And today – generally about fruits.

Tho fruits are from nature, with a fair origin, many doctors/diets/magazines/sites/other sources recommend to have smaller or medium size portions of it a day. Mainly reffering that those nature manufactures are extra high in carbohydrates compared to, for example, vegetables. In simple words a fruit should better be used as dessert cause of hella lot of sugar it contains.

But, besides that huge carbs amount, fruits also have many advantages:

  • according to, fruits promote emotional well-being among healthy people;
  • emphasizes reduced risk for stroke, other cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes;
  • says that protective benefits from vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in fruits can improve general quality of life; their benefits span across many medical conditions;
  • BritishMedicalJournal aka BMJ related fruits consumption in adolescence with lowered risk of breast cancer;
  • HealWithFood reminds that compared to the rest of the foods fruits are great cause they aren’t processed.


I know that those ‘take fruit instead of cookie’ talks are pretty lame and cliche and you’ve heard them oh so many times that it just flows above your ears. But making fruits your main dessert will give you so much visible benefit. Yes, first 3 days might be an absolute hell (abstinence syndrome), in first 3 weeks the fruits eating habit can be easily broken. But after that you’ll discover the greatness of this choice. Considerable thing;)

So have a great weekend, everyone!

With love,




17 thoughts on “Is That Fruit-Sweet Really Sweet?

  1. It is funny, when you cut back/ or out added sugar in your diet for even a week how overly sweet refined sugar tastes. I love fresh fruit, but will still succumb to wanting a chocolate chip cookie, now I am surprised that I only will eat one or two small ones and be satisfied, where a lot more would be consumed.

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  2. Breaking the sugar habit is hard, but once you do you find foods with added sugar quite sickening, at least I now do. And yes, we should favor veggies over fruit. Just today I was showing my husband and kids the volume of “real” vegetables we should each have every day. Everyone was shocked. It’s the amount of a huge bowl! Not much room left for meat or fish after that…
    Thank you for following me, Maria 😊. It’s an honor!

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