It’s Movie Time: Weight Loss

Lately I've been a total anti reader. Mainly cause deadlines at school kept hitting me so hard and I was trying to do my best (which worked smh, yay). And I had no desire to rock those weight loss related books my mom gave me this summer, only to hang out with friends and then …

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Intermittent Fasting: Getting Rich And Thin

So, my school year started a week ago. And, tbh, I'm only in a mood for biology, maths, German and nothing more. Summer passed by so quickly, it was like a dream, and now - desks and books again. And I barely can stand it. Plus, adults keep telling me about their school years in …

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The Worthless Zone: Healthy Deceivers

We, Europeans, are literally being baked this week. In Spain it's +45°C (113°F), in Portugal +47°C (117°F). Even my country, Lithuania, is pretty much melting under +35°C (95°F) sometimes (but please don't judge me, I ain't a crybaby, we have, like, -30°C (-22°F) winters, so even tho I'm partly Italian, it's pretty hard to survive …

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