Things Are About To Change

We should be positive about our lives and stuff. But sometimes we get em rough days, too. Actually, kinda often. And after all, our only desired thing is to lay in bed, away from the whole entire world, with a huuuge box of chocolates and cry while watching Netflix. Admit it.

But after such emotional earthquakes comes that killing sense of guilt. It feels that we’re not worth it all, damn, we’ve given up just cause of that small trouble. Which wasn’t probably unsolvable. And this feeling messes up everything, including our perception of goals. And we just let it go, cause what’s the matter, we’re worthless, we’re useless, we’re not loved and…

It’s time to stop now. Really. Stop it. It’s impossible to show your worth. You’re amazing and great. You just need a small encouragement and probably few tips how to avoid bad consequences of those small mental hurricanes.

I’ve had one recently. It was caused by one of my closest friends and pretty unexpected. I can’t express the anger I was feeling at that moment. I felt betrayed and just wanted the whole world to stop. But now I see, that this small crisis didn’t give me any negative outcomes (well, except that lost friend, but it doesn’t even count imo).

So I’m sharing these few tips who helped me few days ago to not to freak out and stay on the track. I sincerely hope this will help you.

  1. First of all, clean up your kitchen before it all. And no, I don’t mean the sink corrosion. I mean those ’emergency’ snacks in the last drawer, small bucket of chocolate ice cream and salted crackers. Cravings hit us kinda often, so instead of those unhealthy ones, fill up your kitchen with fruits and nuts. I know, it’s a torture, but after some time you’ll love em.


2. Then get some motivation from a reliable source. Which could help you to stay on           a track, block those ‘I’m not worth it’ thoughts and not to hit the kitchen.


3. If too much of bad energy while that crisis, use your anger in a physical activity. I           usually do squats in such situations. This helps me to a)express my fury in a great               way;  and b)shape my lower part little more. In my recent breakdown I did 500                   squats and I’m so glad about it.


4. You can also go to sleep. In my lovely country – Lithuania – which celebrated its                  restoration of 100 years yesterday, we have a great idiom – ‘morning is wiser than              the evening’. And it’s pretty true. In the morning the whole crisis might seem twice            less serious and important. And you’ll avoid overeating or any other self harm.


Keep your head up no matter what. Love y’all ♥







Whatever It Takes

It’s almost a month. Well, 4 weeks already. And I’m doing surprisingly fine – still with any ‘sweet sins’ and feeling really good. In this whole time, I lost 6kilos in total and now have much clearer body lines (I love you too, squats).

And in this whole time I just couldn’t stop thinking why is it all working for me this time. Cause last winter I was basically postponing my diet and workout plans ’till the next Monday’ and didn’t succeed at all. So why is it all different this time?

Admit it – we all know people who set themselves unreachable goals claiming ‘it’s a great motivation’. But after some time, when you ask that ‘so how’s it going with that’ question, they just change the topic suddenly or immediately redirect their glance away from you. And after few minutes of mumbling, they admit they’ve given up cause it was too hard.

But we also know the ones who decide to reach unbelievable things and get even better result than expected. We look at them with that white jealousy thinking why aren’t we like that. Sometimes even start blaming ourselves that we’re losers.

Actually, there’s no need for that. And there are few reasons why some people succeed in losing weight and getting in shape and other don’t.

So, what are those?

Well, first of all, successful people, no matter what they’re trying to reach, analyze themselves at first. So they could know their strong sides and weaknesses and start making some kind of conclusions (I shouldn’t go to that bakery shop cause I just can’t stop staring at those chocolate donuts and go out without buying one).

Those ‘winners‘ also set themselves a clear goal. Not that ‘one day I might be fit’, but ‘I’ll do 200 sit-ups every day to have better abs by the beginning of March’. So they have particular expectations and know the exact time when it all should be reached.

Cause of that they have better ability to look at their mistakes and non-worked things and improve their plan. Basically, the ones who succeed, learn (or at least try to learn) from their mistakes instead of giving up and saying ‘it’s just probably not for them’.

Also those live examples ‘dig deeper’ – they try learning more about what they’re doing, even a little, but they do. They read articles, special literature, blogs, others’ stories etc. And this is really helpful for getting motivation, too. Others’ experiences basically encourage us to do our best, too, so we could know we are able to do so many from the first sight impossible things.

And, well, successful ones are not afraid to ask for help if they feel they need it. They’re not embarrassed to admit that they just can’t deal with it all just by themselves. I knoooow, we all have heard that ‘the ones who ask for help are strong’ cliche, but believe me, it’s true. It just shows you’re mature enough to stop holding it all in yourself instead of easily reaching some things with help.

I hope these steps for success will help you to reach it all


I’m sure now you’ll get the last laugh

It was two days ago, when I called one of my best friends. We had plans before to sign up for fitness club together, and it was basically her idea. So I was absolutely sure everything’s set up, we just need to transfer money and…

‘No, Maria. I’ve been thinking about this hella much lately. And I guess I’m not going anywhere. You see, our world is getting more and more convenient, society tells us to love just the way we are and…I think I’d rather choose Netflix&Chill”.

Please remember, that this girl made me watch ‘To The Bone’ 4 times to get motivated and been starving for half a year already. And I know she’ll start it all over again one day.

After such talk, I honestly got interested in what’s actually going on there. In what ways are we being so mislead by the whole society and how could we help ourselves?

As I’ve noticed, there are many sources that can easily make us deceived.

Let’s take any kind of women magazine for example.

First pages are about fashion…makeup…discounts…oh, on page 17 there’s an Austrian chocolate Sacher cake recipe! Oh my, this looks so damn delicious…and seems there are not so many ingredients needed…

But what’s on page 18? ‘How to get Victoria Secrets runway worth body in one week – the detailed plan plus exclusive expert’s comments!’

So wait, how am I supposed to understand it all?! That’s pretty confusing…but seems it’s the same thing with all kinds of social media, too. In most of the Insta suggestions there are either models or fascinating sweet foods, but, well, we already know it’s impossible for some people to stay non overweighted while eating it all.

Such things lead some of us either to overeating or starving ‘to the bone’. So how to avoid these deceptive dangerous extremes?

First of all, I could recommend unsubscribing and unfollowing such chanels and pages that make all your motivation and goals fly away. Those won’t give any benefit.

So my second advice – start following motivational pages. But definitely not the ones which encourage extremes, such as starving, crash diets or short programs of body improvement. It’s great to have juice cleanse day from time to time, but not live at the edge of half-starve.

Also, track you progress. Living such lifestyle is much easier when you see the results of it. Those can help you to find balance between getting back to laziness and overdoing required things.

By following these, I’m sure you’ll get the last laugh at achieving your dream body

And, well, I hope I’m not the only one getting confused by such misleading society signals

Thank you all 🙂



Don’t Let Nothing Hold You Down

They may wreck your dreams if you let them
Keep them goals in sight, don’t forget them, Alex Clare says in his song ‘Living’. Oh God. I wish it was as easy to do this as it is to say.

We, people who have this weight-gaining-from-a-simple-cookie struggle, know it. It’s so easy to stay motivated in the beginning. And later – no matter when – the ‘why am I doing this’ thought strikes again. That’s where all the excuses begin and we suddenly lose our balance and sometimes even the whole goal.

One more week passed. I can already see the progress on getting shape, also, lost 2 kilos in this 2 weeks time. But even tho the results are kinda obvious now, excuses hit me again.

So after few convos with other low metabolism victims I realized that there are few types of excuses, some of em more common than others. And each of it has its ways to fight it. Ofc it won’t suit everyone but it’s worthy to try. There’s nothing to lose 🙂

So here are those 3 most common types of excuses:

1. The ‘It was nothing more but great experience’ type. This one usually hits after short time of dieting and exercising. Person just decides ‘it’s not for him’ and that the rules are too strict, and, well, he now has experienced one more thing in life and that’s enough.

And you know what? That’s right. The rules here are strict. Overstrict. Seems that it’s just one more thing which makes your life even harder and you were probably born with some ‘anti-healthy living’ genes. But this ‘it’s not for me’ stuff is actually just a temporary thing. That hated health beneficial thing later becomes a regular part of your life. Few studies have shown that anything can become a habit of yours in 3 weeks. So can healthy lifestyle.

      2. The ‘YOLO’ type. You only live once, so what’s the point to make yourself suffer if you can live just a happy life?

Ofc, that ‘happy life’ is easier. Nothing much to think here. But have you ever thought about what benefits does healthy lifestyle have? If not, that might be a key for a great beginning. Take a notebook and write all the advantages it has. You’ll definitely be surprised about it.

3. The ‘I don’t have strong will‘ type. ‘It’s not enough strength in us to do this. It’s just that we don’t have it in ourselves. And we love food’, some people say.

This one is probably the most common. And my answer to it is, but who has? Do you think I chose this way of living cause I have strong will or what? Not at all. Where was my strong will when after a breakup with my first boyfriend a year ago I was binging every single day? Where was it last spring when I needed abs?? Exactly. Will is not a thing we’re born with. It’s a thing that we create by ourselves. 

And the best way to create it is to get motivation from all the possible sources. Instead of following cake page on Instagram, better follow a transformation promoting one. Watch ‘how to exercise’ tutorials on YouTube. Find a group of people with similar goals as yours and join it.


So I hope my thoughts and insights helped you at least a little bit 🙂

Thank y’all 🙂


Oh, No, Not I, I Will Survive

Aaaaand…a week passed. I did it! I’m so grateful to everyone, I’d like to thank the Academy for giving me a chance..

Okay, if honestly, I made it. Which surprisingly wasn’t as hard as I expected. Except that last the last evening I spent 2 whole hours watching macarons baking tutorials.

So I increased my goal a bit – from 10 000 steps to 15 000 after reading your advice. Also the length of  my home “indoors cardio” (just a bunch of exercises, without cheating 😀 ) – now giving 2 hours for it.

But longer workouts and walks wasn’t the hardest part. That absolute ‘sugarfree‘ was, checking nutrition on packages if there is no glucose as well as I was (and still am) doing with gluten before. And convincing my parents that it’s actually good not to eat after 6pm. And trying not to think about nocciola gelato (my Italian part was obv disappointed).

So even tho only a week passed, I’m already getting thoughts such as ‘that’s so freakin unfair!!! Half of the girls my age don’t even know what it means to be on a diet or smth, they were probably born with abs already, stop the world, I want to get off’.

And such thoughts made me kinda curious about metabolism. More precisely, if there are any advantages of low metabolism. Cause I only get annoyed by blaming my body for a need of exercising. And one of my New Year resolutions was thinking more positively, so I thought such thing could help me 😀 \

So – absolutely surprisingly – I found out there are some really incredible benefits. Which made me think I’m not probably a total failure and that such frustrating thing has some good things in it.

So, what are those advantages?

  1. Well, first of all, in some cases it can delay aging. When consuming em calories slower, your body wears out not as fast as when you have a high metabolism.
  2. It may also lenghten life. Your thyroid, which controls the RMR (resting metabolic rate) has lower activity, so your body consumes itself slower.
  3. There is a lower energy demand. Body intakes calories slowlier, so you have energy for a bit longer time and you don’t need to get ‘fuel’ for your body as often as people with high metabolism do.
  4. Having it from such young age, it makes your life easier when you’re old. Cause you’re basically already used to restricting amounts of food and levels of sugar in it, exercising. And those who previously had a high metabolism, which got lower in older age only, deal with this routine not as well as those, who made this their habit.


So honestly, I was totally (positively) amazed by these. And it made me realize that damn, these aspects are truly great and I shouldn’t scold myself for having lower metabolism.

So cheer up, everything might be not as hopeless as it seems 😉

From The Bottom To The Top

It’s January 14th. Just a random day. Obviously not the one when you decide to change it all. There are plenty of days for this – the first day of the new year, first day of summer, the day after your birthday…and honestly I kinda ask myself what am I doing here (obv not quoting Alessia Cara).

First of all, who am I?

Well, I’m just a random 15-year-old girl from Lithuania. Okay. Y’all better admit you have no idea where it is. Let’s just say from the Eastern Europe.

Auburn (dyed), green-eyed, rational as hell, not artsy at all and…not in the best shape. It’s much easier when I admit it.

Okay, compared to summer I can go to VS’s already. Lost 20kilos since then. So what’s the matter, y’all gonna say. Why aren’t you happy with you damned body which in body charts would be considered as ‘perfect’???

Well, firstly, charts mean very less to me. Literally. Those can only show if you’re obese or have underweight. That’s it.

And I just can’t feel comfortable in my body right now.

Even though we can hear the society screaming ‘YOU SHOULD KNOW YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE’ (I swear it’s not Alessia again) through everywhere, I just can’t. And it’s not a strong desire to be flat cause of starving. Just a wish to be fit. This feels so damned good.

How do I know, y’all would ask.

Well, I used to be skinny. Skinny as hell. Half of the people were telling me I’d make a great model career someday cause I was really high as a 10 yo girl. Haa, ya wish.

So I was that flat happy girl till like 6th grade. When I turned 12. And my breasts started growing. Now I’d like to thank God for them, but how could a girl that age understand it’s freaking great?? Obviously she didn’t. Cause half of my classmates started bullying me that I’m fat.

And I wasn’t fat at all. I was flat with breasts. That’s it. But it was enough for me to start thinking the wrong way. By thinking ‘oh well I’m still fat, so it doesn’t even matter’ I started overeating. And seriously became fat. Gained like 20kilos in half a year.

And then, in the 7th grade, all the anorexia stuff hit. In May of 2016 my charts showed severely underweight. I had a 2 fist size thighs gap. Nice.

Then, in autumn, changed my school and in winter began overeating again. Jeez. Gained almost 30kilos by the end of the spring.

And in summer I was planning to begin my diet and working out program, but the whole boyfriend thing hit me hard 🙂 so I decided I am beautiful just the way I am and I don’t have to change anything.

Till our breakup by the end of September.

In summer, I somehow lost 10kilos. But I knew I needed more. So next day after my breakup I started my gluten free diet. The thing is I have intolerance which gives me half of that overweight and skin problems

And I lost 20 more.

But I’m still kinda shapeless, sadly.

That’s why I also decided for:

  • being sugar free
  • working out without excuses. Every day, not Mondays only
  • always completing my 15000 steps challenge

And, well, from tomorrow, let the diet-workout games begin

By chewing that ‘last’ bite of the white chocolate,

Yours Maria 🙂