The Worthless Zone: Healthy Deceivers

We, Europeans, are literally being baked this week. In Spain it's +45°C (113°F), in Portugal +47°C (117°F). Even my country, Lithuania, is pretty much melting under +35°C (95°F) sometimes (but please don't judge me, I ain't a crybaby, we have, like, -30°C (-22°F) winters, so even tho I'm partly Italian, it's pretty hard to survive …

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The Best Comforter For Sufferers?

I personally never liked philosophy about life too much, but, well, it's obvious, that living pretty much consists of rises and downfalls. And those are pretty hard to handle, especially when you hold it all for yourself. A lot of people (including me) do that in order not to spill negativity on others. But a …

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