Upon The Strawberry Fields

Gotta brag a little – today’s my 16th birthday. In this occasion, I’d like to thank each and every of you, who helped me with reaching my main goal and maintaining it. From the bottom of my usually cold and cynical heart – an extra warm gratitude ♥

So when thinking which fruit to present now, I decided to take my fave one cause of my privileges today, hehe. And this pure happiness comes in a form of strawberry.

Just look at it! Ain’t it absolutely perfect?↓

Enjoy the pic of this gluten free n sugar free cake my mamma made me today

So I spent half of my summers in my grandparents’ gardens that were mainly the fields fulfilled with big, tasty, luscious strawberries. My grandma used to tell me to take ‘one to mouth and 9 to the basket’. So I pretty much got used to these berries since my childhood. And never got bored with em.

The first package of strawberries that my mamma brought this year from Lidl was like 2 months ago. Polish origin (Lithuanian ones cost more than a nice crop top from h&m, hate this). Been eating them more than any other fruits. Mainly cause of these few beauty benefits from The BMJ, BusinessInsider, organicfacts.com and The Times Health Section that I should mention here:

  • strawberries improve the hair condition. The rich variety of antioxidants, ellagic acid and vitamins moisturize the hair; also prevent dandruff;
  • a natural teeth whitening measure – the malic acid levels help here;
  • extra low in calories – only 33kcal in 100g (3.5 fl oz);


Also many, many health related advantages:

  • strawberries improve the heart function because of high antioxidant levels. They effectively reduce cholesterol in the arteries and vessels;
  • this fruit can also help with skin care – it may reduce hyperpigmentation, prevent acne, and remove dead skin cells;
  • anti aging – vitamin C there boosts collagen production, tones the skin;
  • flavanoids prevent eye conditions such as dry eyes, vision defects and increased susceptibility to infections;
  • lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the ones that have a low glycemic index (number associated with the carbohydrates in a particular type of food that indicates the effect);
  • bone health improvement Manganese, vitamins C and K plus some potassium do all the work in there;
  • a cup of strawberries also provides more than a day’s worth of vitamin C.


I only found very few disadvantages of strawberries. Mainly because they’re pretty high in sugars overall. But among all the other fruits, they have pretty low amount of carbohydrates, so no worries here, please.

And now – an easy weekend dessert recipe

I)divide your chosen strawberries amount into pieces;

2)whip up some sugar free sour cream;

3)put it into bowls; add some strawberries as a topping;

4*)pistachios will also taste great here; sadly, those have many calories. But as a special treat, better some pistachios than a chocolate bun, huh



So enjoy your weekends with em strawberries everyone. Get some rest before the next week!

With love,

Yours Maria ♥

34 thoughts on “Upon The Strawberry Fields

  1. Happy Birthday. ☺

    As a History buff, I’ll just point that it was on your birthday (before you were born of course) May 20th back in 325 AD that the Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea made up of the Empire’s bishops to discuss the Arian heresy.

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