Five Tender Apricots In A Blue Bowl

2 weeks ago I shared all the stuff that I found out about nectarines and peaches with you. Planned to continue it with root crops, but some of you asked me whether I knew how is it all about the apricots. And, ughh, gotta admit it, my knowledge about these was pretty, umm, little.

So I decided to do a research about apricots with the casual sources – The BMJ, The Guardian, and a new – but very great and informative one –

And the following ones are the main apricot’s benefits:

  • this stone fruit is also an excellent source of iron, a mineral which plays a very important role in the formation of hemoglobin. This improves the blood flow in the body, preventing anemia;
  • the high levels of beta-carotene improve blood flow to the eyes, reversing age-related macular degeneration. It contains an antioxidant called zea xanthin, which provides light filtering functions, thus improving vision;
  • also – it’s a great source of antioxidants, that prevent ageing, cancer and other harmful diseases.

If you think you’ve heard about these before – that’s right. These are also the main benefits of nectarines and peaches. But apricots (in all the possible forms) also suggest variety of other great benefits:

  • these fruits contain all the necessary nutrients required for healthy bone growth;
  • apricot juice cures fever. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties affect the body’s overall temperature;
  • apricot oil cures earaches (drop a few drops of apricot oil into the affected ear canal for quick relief);
  • this oil is also believed to be anti-asthmatic in nature. It is very beneficial for treating respiratory disease and its related symptoms, like, asthma attacks;
  • even more about it – oil may help to treat skin redness. The flesh of apricot is particularly beneficial for treating acne-prone skin. Apply a paste of apricot to cure acne and pimples. Overall – it’s a great thing for skin;
  • dried apricots act as a natural laxative to flush out unwanted waste from the body. It also reacts with the body’s digestive juices, producing a more alkaline environment to aid digestion.


So, overall, the main difference between peaches/ nectarines and apricots is that these have more benefits. Negative sides the same, too: do not overdose apricots, as well as nectarines or peaches.

Also, according to, these two fruits are basically genetically identical except for one gene that gives a peach a soft, fuzzy skin and keeps the nectarine sans fuzz. Plus the calories and sugars difference:

  • PEACH. 39kcal + 8g of sugar/100g (aka very small peach)
  • NECTARINE. 44kcal + 8g of sugar/100g (aka small nectarine);
  • APRICOT. 48kcal + 9g of sugar/100g (aka 3 usual size apricots).

So, apricots may be richer in calories and sugars, but, as a rule, people think they’ve gotten enough from those 3 apricots just cause of the number, but they might take another nectarine or peach.

And a pretty short recipe:

I)Add the dried apricot (1/2cup), almond flour (1/2cup) and melted coconut oil (1tbsp) in a food processor;

2)Process for about 1-2 minutes or until it forms a consistent batter;

3)Stop the food processor and use your hands to shape small balls, rolling the batter with your hands;

4)Store very well in the fridge up to one month. They will get harder so remove them from the fridge 1 hour before to enjoy their soft and moist texture;

5)The output should be 16 medium-sized balls;



So have a great week, everyone!

If you have any suggestions what to review as a next fruit – be brave to recommend:)

With love,





9 thoughts on “Five Tender Apricots In A Blue Bowl

  1. Impressive post and must admit even more impressive benefits from apricots. My mother used to feed me apricots when I was ill, as a kid, and now I know why! It makes sense that they are anti iflamatory and reduce high temperature.
    But they cure earache? Where did you get the info on that?

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