The Best Comforter For Sufferers?

I personally never liked philosophy about life too much, but, well, it’s obvious, that living pretty much consists of rises and downfalls. And those are pretty hard to handle, especially when you hold it all for yourself. A lot of people (including me) do that in order not to spill negativity on others.

But a comforting thing is certainly needed then. For some people it’s huge amounts of work, for some – food, for some sports; this depends on many circumstances. And till this January, my loveliest comforter to lay emotions on was… a milkshake. That’s right, folks, ya read it right, the same one.

Tho when entered ‘milkshake’ on insta or pinterest, results are related to this soft drink plus happiness (sunshiiiine, uuunicorns, spaaarkles, and some other a bit annoying imaginary stuff), shakes symbolize me hard times. After losses, breakups, breakdowns, even deaths.

So, despite a fact that these past 2 weeks were goddamn great so far, I decided to take a look at my comfy breakdowns friend a little more carefully.

This beverage took me the longest time to be learnt about compared to the ones I’ve already written about. There are so many opinions and know-hows, that it’s hard not to get lost. But let’s review the concluded results:

  • justifies milkshakes only when those are used as substitutes of snacks, because, according to a research of University of Ulm in 2010, ‘subjects who used high-protein meal replacements lost more weight than those who only reduced calories;
  • tells us that ‘if you must give into the craving for a milk shake, order the smallest size possible – you’ll still get the sweet taste you want, but you’ll consume far less fat’. Small remarque – imo, fats shouldn’t be as judged as carbs, so the whole point here should be about lower calories intake;
  • states that ‘the only thing preventing us from happily consuming our own body weight in milkshake is the high calorific count’;
  • in many forums (such as quora) people shared their own experiences that were extremely different;
  • D. Gameau. The Sugar Movie. Tbh this movie is a masterpiece which finally stated the right thing: milkshake made of milk and fruit is the best option over there. Any kind of additives or the use of ice cream will cause anything but weight gain.


To sum up, the result of it all ain’t surprising – the only way to drink that shake without guilt is to choose the homemade one. No matter how healthy, according to advertisers, the milkshake is, the amount sugar in it will still be at least 75% of your daily norm.

The whole situation is a bit different for sports people, whose shakes aren’t similar at the ones that we drink in cozy old town cafes. Athletes’ drinks also include protein powder or supplements, so the only think to care about is doubt if there are any additives in this chosen beverage.

It’s a cliche, but better comfort others with support and empathy, and all the shake temptations will fade away.


With love




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