If It’s The Elixir Of Life

Yesterday evening was one of the warmest in my life. I was pretty much out of this world having a deep and honest convo with my grandma – the sweetest person in this world who never judges me and supports in all the possible ways.

It was late already, like 11pm and my stomach was pretty empty. There was no more decaf left and it seemed not suitable to drink water on a cozy Saturday night. So while listening to grandma, I decided to dig in our tea drawer. And this quick trip to the other side of the kitchen made me wonder if tea is actually worth it.

According to students’ bff Wikipedia, the whole history of tea is pretty simple. Tea plants are native to East Asia, were brought to Europe in the 16th and became a thing in the 17th century.

Tea, as a fair beverage without anything added, has many advantages. Green tea burns fat, reduces risk of  Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, improves cholesterol. Black tea is the life saver of smokers – it protects lungs from damage. While white tea has most potent anticancer properties,

So everything seems clear – it used to be (and sometimes still is) an innocent drink. And, of course, it still is, if we don’t a a bunch of sugar to it.

But in 1930’s, a brand new thing was introduced to the whole world. It was called ‘instant tea’ – a drink made of sweetened powder. It was 30% tea and 70% – ‘God knows only what’ content. But still, it was not the worst option.

Then the canned tea – or iced tea – came. And it beat all the records – 10% leaves and 90% – additional sweeteners and flavours, such as chai, vanilla, chocolate or anything you want. So it seems obvious, that this beverage isn’t the healthiest one.

But does it have any consequences?

Well, plenty:

  • according to The Health Tea, too much of iced tea could cause the kidney failure, no matter how healthy you are;
  • MyDiet includes canned tea to the list of ’10 Beverages You Should Never Drink Again’ and says that ‘iced green teas are commonly selected by dieters who have heard that it can aid weight loss’, but ‘cons of drinking iced tea will dramatically outweigh the pros’;
  • EliteReaders gives us 5 negative iced tea effects: diabetes, kidney stones, obesity, stroke and the cardiovascular disease;
  • many other sites warn us that all the bought canned tea is the worst option over there and the only safe way to drink it is to make some at home;
  • The Guardian concludes it all with ‘now without a doubt this isn’t a fine tea’.


So – to conclude – if a desire of iced tea strikes again, better try homemade one.

Also, a quick tip – if you want anything added, the only innocent thing over here are safe sweeteners or honey (but ofc everything is still better without them). And milk – it enriches your cup or glass with calcium and creates a brand new taste.


Have a nice weekend!

With love,




24 thoughts on “If It’s The Elixir Of Life

  1. Sugar is the problem with canned preprocessed tea! I love mine fresh at home, with a tiny drizzle of honey. Also love it English style – milk and raw sugar. But I avoid that except for very very special occasions. Too much sugar. Pinkies up!

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  2. It is nice to see someone properly appreciate the most popular drink on Earth (after water) and the most important. Because of tea empires have risen and fallen, wars have been won and lost, fortunes and marriages have been made.
    As for what you put in tea, these are many and varied. Milk, sugar, brandy, tapioca all can be added and all (from personal experiment) can be delicious. The only thing that has been suggested but I have never tried is whipped, raw, egg!

    But from the earliest times, one thing that all agree on is that tea should be enjoyed calmly, never hurried, it is a quiet pleasure.

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