Glass A Day Keeps Em Doctors Away?

‘Sup, Maria, I’m starting my diet tomorrow!’

‘Oh, hun, which one?’

‘Juice detox! That’s so easy – just drinking juice instead of drinking anything else! Believe me, you won’t recognize me few weeks later!’

That was a nonsense, but who am I to judge? So I just smiled, said that I’m oh so proud of this friend and decided to see what’s gonna happen.

A month later, she came to me sobbing.

‘It’s hopeless. I didn’t lose a gram, the hell is going on?! I did everything exactly how it was written in the latest cosmo! I’d drink no more than 8 glasses of home made juice a day and nothing changed! My appetite only grew bigger. And, ofc, I spent a lot on bananas, apples, oranges and all the similar fruit-stuff’.

‘Okay’, I thought, ‘Maybe that was just a weird coincidence. Maybe she’s been eating something extra unhealthy these past weeks. I can’t say it’s not worthy to drink juice. Gotta learn more about it’.

And yesterday, I met one of my closest friends in the city center. She’s been just straight back from vacation in Berlin, where her grandma lives. Turned out, that my pal got a rotavirus there. She completely lost appetite and thought that maybe juice could help her. Sadly, her wish to eat dwindled even more and reached the bottom.

As a consequence, I spent my Saturday night taking notes on ‘The Sugar Film’ by Damon Gameau (I swear, I DO have social life, it was just too interesting not to write the facts on).

And I was unpleasantly surprised to see that a casual glass of apple juice contains 4 whole apples. According to Gameau, it’s so ein Quatsch, as German say, to believe that juice brings much benefit, when we normally feel full after eating 2 apples.

It was brilliantly known for me that juice from supermarket shelters are evil (cause of juice concentrate, sugar and many other things), but I had no idea, that homemade juice aren’t good for you, too. So I decided to check out if smoothies are justified. Cause, well, people are offered em all the time when losing weight.

Guess what.

Smoothies turned out to be even worse than homemade juice. There are 28 tbsp of sugar in an average 250ml (8.5 fl oz) smoothie made of fruits.

Then I quickly read few articles from The Washington Post, BMJ and The NYT that stated almost the similar things. Then almost wanted to sob that ‘my whole life was a lieee’ cause of this whole juice aka smoothies thing. I hope you knew it before and aren’t shocked rn as I am.

And then google suggested me raising my eyebrows cause I found out that those ‘healthy smoothies’ I used to drink last summer in my fave cafe are made of sorbet 🙂


So have great weekend, better drink water and see you next week!

With love,

Maria ♥





30 thoughts on “Glass A Day Keeps Em Doctors Away?

  1. So many things that people think are “healthy” really aren’t! Plus any kind of “diet” you can’t sustain long term is likely to fail in the end since long term weight maintenance is really what is important!

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  2. Yep sugar is bad for you. However “smoothies” aren’t always bad, depending on what’s in them. Some protein powder, nut butter, coconut oil, spinach leaves, chia seeds and some berries is actually a great choice. Most smoothies are packed with sugar (too much fruit) and yogurt. You can have 1/4 cup of fruit in your smoothie simply because your liver can store 1/4 cup of fructose (anything after 1/4 is stored as fat). 🙂

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      1. The difficulty is that frozen berries have caused problems in Australia in the last few years with contamination with pathogens like the Hepatitis A virus. A lot of the frozen berries are from China.

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  3. I watched the movie “Fat, sick, and nearly dead” a few years ago. Some people I know invested in one of those expensive juicers, but I didn’t (not in my budget, kids still going to college 😊) and now am glad for it. I started thinking 1) if we have teeth there must be a good reason for that and 2) when we just drink our vegetables we don’t produce any saliva, which, if I am not mistaken, is the beginning of the whole digestive process. Your post is backing me up. Thank you.


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