Confessions Of A Coffeeholic

My father kinda often throws some dad jokes around. In fact, whose fathers don’t. But in my fam, we have a special topic for that – my addiction to coffee.

My dad’s a reaaally old fashioned man and, in his opinion, it’s clearly not the best choice for a ’15 year old stubborn teenager to start her day like that’.

For him, it’s a damned curse that damages my liver day by day. For me, it’s a morning perfection which empowers me to be as productive as possible.

Then, from 8am till 3am I gotta sit at a the work desk in my Jewish school and learn about myofibrils, risorgimento (ohh yes) or inequalities. So after such day I feel pretty unwilling to do anything else

And what’s then?

Exactly, caffe latte with my girls.

Okay, I know your purse clearly gets thinner after buying cups of coffee in the city. But my squad knows few baristas, who are always ready to support us with 90% (or sometimes even 100%) discounts. Well, in lots of other places we gotta pay the whole price, but still. This raises up our mood. And productivity as well.

And in the evening, when doing my homework, motivation dwindles again. What should I do then? Of course, deceive my brain with caffè decaffeinato.

And such consumption of caffeine (and, of course, dad’s wisdom) made me wonder how bad it actually is. Or maybe it’s just an absolutely innocent thing and I gotta prove it to everyone.

So I dedicated my 2 last weeks (procrastinator’s sweet talk, one and a half actually)  for a research. And here are the results:

  • my beloved D. Perlmutter in his book tells us to drink 350-450ml (11.8-14.6 fl oz) of water after each portion of coffee. And in his blog he tells us about a research which proved that 3-5 cups of it saves us from dementia, alzheimers and cancer;
  • Forbes shares the research by University of Southampton, convincing that 3 cups of coffee is the best deal over here and such amount of  ‘was linked to reduced risk of dying from any cause and of developing heart disease, compared to people who drank none’;
  • gives a list of more than 30 benefits of coffee that are mostly linked to great general well being;
  • BMJ generally says we can brighten our mornings with coffee, but we must also know all the side effects that could appear cause of our individual body endocrine systems;
  • according to researcher of the University of Scranton, ‘nothing else comes close to providing antioxidants as coffee’; fruits and vegetables have em, too, but human body seems to absorb the most from caffeine;
  • other health-related sites/books stated similar things.


So here’s the conclusion, my coffeeholics – don’t give up your coffee, it might save you from lots of diseases, but before drinking gallons of it, check your endocrine and blood pressure conditions. If safe – go, take it, enjoy and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong. You deserved it ♥

Happy Easter and have wonderful morning coffee!

Maria ♥




45 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Coffeeholic

  1. bingingonabudget

    I’m also very addicted to coffee. I drink about 4 cups of a day at my desk but it really does raise my productivity tremendously. What is your favorite kind of coffee?

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  2. My parents drank coffee all their life and Mum is still going at 90! I don’t think a reasonable amount will hurt anything. It is my morning ritual as well as addiction. I can only drink one cup nowadays, however, the caffeine has started to effect me. I do sometimes have a second decaf but even that has some caffeine so I only have it before lunch. I sincerely hope to have a cup the day I die and I will have a smile on my face 🙂

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  3. I think part of the problem with coffee addiction is in the way you consume your coffee. I was born in Italy, a country that has its place in the statistics of coffee consumption, but our traditional coffee cup it’s a 25-35ml of pure coffee, not a mug filled with coffee, syrup, cream, sugar, and so on. So, we are more addicted to the substance itself than to the other ingredients of the mixture. Sure, we add sugar to our coffee (traditionally from 1 to 3 tsp) and sometimes we pour some milk (but the cup itself is really small and can’t take too much) or drink a cappuccino (altogether no more than 150 ml of coffee and milk, no cream, no syrup, and drank mostly in the morning for breakfast) but I think with the American coffee you add to the addiction to caffeine the addiction to sugar. Am I wrong?
    Anyway, interesting analysis 😉

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    1. Of course, you’re right! When I say coffee, I mean exactly what you do – all the syrups, creams etc make this beverage anything but not coffee. Imo, coffee is either a pure drink made of coffee beans, either the same think just with some milk added, absolutely without sugar 🙂

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      1. I am so silly! Writing my comment, I took for granted that you were a college kid from the USA and never thought an instant that you could actually live in Italy and live coffee as I do. I read your about page only afterwards! I hope you will pardon my superficiality. And, yes, coffee has to be… coffee! 🙂

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  4. As a black coffee drinker of over 45 years, I love the idea it is extending my life. 2 cups in the morning set me up for the day. I is a wonderful way to socialize and a good chat over a cup of java is the best.

    Thank you for the knowledge, I will enjoy my coffee even more now.

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