Ciao Adios I’m Done

with my unhealthy desires and choices.

A bit more than two months passed and I feel as if there has never been such thing as junk food. It’s completely out of my life rn. The last craving hit me few weeks ago, but went through it somehow (well, thanks to that empty snacks drawer).

Plus now there are any more excuses for not working out and completing my daily steps challenge. New discovery – if you have any track to walk on/gotta stay at home, run in one place. Better when using any of the movement tracking programs (Nike Run Club, S Health, Runtastic, Pedometer) – wonderful ability to see your progress and amount of burnt calories (oh yeeeeah). All in all, that’s a great way to exercise, when there’s -20 °C (-4 °F) in Lithuania 😀

Now – a short summary of the past two months in numbers:

  • lost weight in total – 10kilos/22lbs
  • saved budget from non-bought sweets/soda/buns in school canteen – 120$
  • times when being called vegan (even though I eat almost everything that vegans don’t) – 17
  • times when being yelled at for ‘driving everyone here insane’ with my low-carb eating  – 52 (approximately, might be twice more)
  • times when grandma asked ‘pumpkin, are you starving?’ – 12
  • productivity raise – around 70% (including productivity for physical activities)
  • books read about healthy lifestyle – 5 (promissed myself three times more but ok)
  • friends involved to this sugar free ’emotional suicide’ – 4

All in all, accomplished.

Pretty much hard to believe it. Half a year been joking with my friends: ‘Guys, Mission impossible 4 came out, it’s called Me On A Diet’. Now I honestly have no cravings for things that used to be casual for me (‘a whole chocolate package a day, damn, it’s not that much!’). This made me realize how far I’ve gone from where I’d been. And I’m so grateful to you all for giving your support and attention, sharing your inspiring experiences and struggles you’ve battled. Thank you! ♥

Next week (or another – I’m a procrastinator :D) I’ll start a new theme here – foods and beverages (advantages, disadvantages and similar stuff), so I’m waiting for your suggestions!

With love,

Maria ♥


34 thoughts on “Ciao Adios I’m Done

  1. I used to be so bad too. I’d buy a cookie cake and eat the whole thing by myself over a few days. 🤦🏻‍♀️Ugh it was terrible! I haven’t done that in years, I’ve since cleaned up my diet, thank God!

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  2. Kelly of Twentysomething Vision

    It sounds like you’re doing a really great job! Woo hoo for cutting out junk food and soda! It’s tough at first, but then once we quit it, we don’t want to go back! It’s not the same going back to salty food and soda when we step away from it. And I agree – tracking steps and running in place to meet your daily goal definitely helps! I keep track with a Fitbit, and I try to get my steps in when I can. Keep up the awesome work! You are exercising some great control here.

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  3. This sounds amazing!! I have just started diving on the low carbs, keto world and even if I am not keto yet, just low carbs, I can already feel the difference and the cravings. Will be looking forward to your next posts 😀

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  4. I’m glad to hear about your healthy changes! I eat very healthy. But I eat more than I should. I also have arthritis. I am going to try cutting out sugar (not fruit… LOVE fruit). I know sugar is an inflammatory. May try removing dairy for a while. But that will be hard. I love cheese! Eating healthy feels so good. Don’t stop! 🙂

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    1. Thank you!
      And the books that I’ve read are:
      1. ‘Wheat Belly’ by William Davis;
      2. ‘Grain Brain’ by David Perlmutter;
      3. ‘The Enzyme Factor’ by Hiromi Shynia
      4. ‘The Microbe Factor’ by Hiromi Shynia
      5. ‘Anticancer’ by Odile Fernández Martínez (read this one in Italian)
      The best ones imo were Davis’ and Perlmutter’s books. Planning to read more of theirs!

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  5. Pingback: I’m steadily discovering and following bloggers who inspire me 💫 – Ideas.Become.Words

  6. Loved this. So pleased to have ‘met’ you here. Well done for sticking to your goals – you deserve your results. I’m following and have created a pingback to this particular post as I’m always inspired by positivity 💫

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  7. Congrats on maintaining your diet so long, a great example. Since moving out, I wanted to eliminate unnecessary and unhealthy snacks as well. I don’t buy junk food when grocery shopping, instead I grab anything from fruit to skinny pop to mixed nuts.

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