Your Choice – Your Voice?

‘You are what you eat’. How many times have we been hit by this saying? Many. And of course, it strikes in the worst moments – when deciding to have one more piece or not, when smelling cannelles that are straight-from-oven, when choosing the best chocolate in our local supermarket…

This makes us feel a huge guilt, admit it. Especially cause this saying is pretty correct.

Such sayings as ‘the grain brain’, ‘wheat belly’ or ‘sugar nation’ by William Davis (the author of ‘Wheat Belly’) and David Perlmutter (writer of the ‘Brain Maker’) were not said accidentally. These and many other scientists warn us about all the possible food-caused consequences. Dementia, obesity, diabetes, even various types of cancer.

But we just let it fly above our head. ‘Come on, no one ever gained 100 pounds cause of one cookie’. And we continue consuming (okay, eating) chocolate Krispy Creme donuts, Oreo cakes and Kinder Bueno ice cream.

And – admit it – that’s just our choice. Choice, which makes most of us get many diseases and gain weight.

‘So what should we do? Eat lettuce and drink water only!? Or maybe even starve!!??’

No, my dear, absolutely not.

The thing is that after some time of not getting unhealthy sugary foods our taste receptors decide to higher the level of ‘too sweet’.

I should insert my personal experience here. So after two months of being sugar free I can say that now even a banana tastes really sweet to me. As well as almost the rest of the fruits.

And this has so many advantages. I’m really glad I’m now living like that. Even though it gets so hard sometimes 😉

  1. Firstly, I spend less money. That’s right. Since that 15th of January my daily expenses are about 40% lower than before. Basically cause I stopped buying caramel brownies and lollipops. That’s truly a great way to save some money.
  2. Also, now I’m feeling much more confident. Basically cause of everything. My abilities in reaching goals, my will, my looks.
  3. And – most importantly – it’s so damn great for my body. After I completely refused sugar, I’m – surprisingly – feeling much more energetic. Apathy seizures or painful tissues absolutely stopped torturing me. Clearer thoughts, better mood, stronger hair and skin without acne – those and many other tremendous advantages made me so happy recently


I should also one more amazing thing. I’ve been doing 500 sit-ups/day. To get those damned abs. And when beginning this diet, I decided to skip this exercise in my daily workouts basically cause I heard so many people saying that after cutting down on carbs abs just appear while not doing anything. And for me, they really did!

That’s it for today. Stay happy and healthy!

Would also love to read your personal experience!

With love,

Maria ♥

30 thoughts on “Your Choice – Your Voice?

  1. lifeinkarolingston

    It’s definitely great be sugar free even if just for a while I’ve done whole 30 in January and after that I don’t need to and don’t want to even eat that much sugar like before!

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  2. Abs just appear? Now I’m interested, thought my belly is pretty flat. Except my goal is to have more hips and butt. Although if I’m patient enough, those will come when the babies start coming — I think?

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  3. You have two fine ideas for getting rid of Bubble Belly. I can handle 50 sit-ups, at this point. 500 sounds phenomenal. As for sucrose, I am prone to an occasional pastry, and even more occasional ice cream treat, but have definitely made a huge cut-down on processed sugar. Glad to see your changes have made a huge difference in your life.

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  4. There is so much more information out now about how addictive sugar is – MORE than cocaine! And it’s in everything… I sometimes wonder if we’ve all been deliberately turned into addicts to fuel the big corporations greed for money 😦 That’s the cynical me, which is not the real me 🙂 Thank you for the follow. I think you may be the first person from Lithuania – so a special welcome !!!

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  5. You are absolutely right, Maria! After reducing my sugar and carb intake for a couple of years now, even a banana tastes too sweet!! Feels so good to meet like-minded people online😊
    Btw, glad u liked my blog and thanks for following.. Let’s together keep up the good work of spreading the awareness of healthy living!!

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  6. Oh so true! My downfall all my life. And like you, when I don’t have the sugar, I feel so good – GREAT matter of fact 😀
    I want to Thank You for your ‘Follow’ on my Blog – it got me to your wonderful Blog AND I’m coming Back!!!

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