Oh Em Small Things, They Have Big Teeth

If honestly, this week wasn’t easiest for me. These days, there was a huge range of unhealthy snacks and sweets around me – from that we were celebrating Purim in my Jewish school (candy here, candy there) – to st. Casimir’s fair in my hometown, Vilnius (buns, buns, buns everywhere). So this whole thing was a bit distracting, cause there were whispers from all the possible sides saying that ‘come on, Maria, you won’t gain a pound from eating that one gorgeous chocolate muffin. Look at that topping! I’d DIE for such an amazing thing’.

And now I have to admit – one of those things which didn’t let me to reach success in dieting previous times was that ‘oh, it’s just a small treat..’. But you know, the problem with ‘treat yoself, gurl’ is that you don’t know how to and where you should stop. One of my friend sometimes jokes: ‘I’ve had a bad day in November, so I’ve been treating myself ever since’.

Or let’s take another case. Two weeks ago, I had an additional chemistry lesson which took a little longer than expected. So I came home at like 5.30 pm and had a wonderful dinner. But later – after 6pm, the time I don’t eat after – I has to fight with such thoughts as ‘You had a dinner, that’s okay, but you skipped your snack!!!’. Luckily, I somehow controlled my desire. Well, most of the applause should go to my dad who just wanted some sleep and set the alarm system of the first floor – including in kitchen – on.

So, as you can see, there are various non-major things, which could only be described as ‘the small ones with em big teeth’. Those might seem really unimportant but their consequences might last long.

And I’ve made a list of them. Be aware of those:

  1. Small pleasure. The thing I’ve mentioned in my first example. These ones bite the most, cause sometimes you can’t just feel where to stop. My suggestion should be to think of healthier ways of those ‘small treats’. Maybe a banana? Or strawberries with some mascarpone? It’s your choice.
  2. Cheat day. There might be people who’d totally disagree with that one. ‘But cheat days are the ones which make us get back to our diet’. Okay, for some people it works. But others’ cheat day sometimes turns into a cheat month or – even worse – cheat year. Just like mine did 😀
  3. Skipped snack. Aww man. Come on. Skipped snack – if you had proper meals throughout the day – wouldn’t bring any harm except could help you to shred a pound 😀
  4. Reward. This one we give ourselves after completing something bigger than we expected. ‘I got A+ from chemistry, so why not ‘Ben&Jerry’s’ cookie dough ice cream?’. The answer here is simple. Your A+ might help you later but em calories – definitely not.


Have a great week everyone!

Yours Maria ♥

27 thoughts on “Oh Em Small Things, They Have Big Teeth

  1. I find myself snacking on rubbish food and inturn missing meals, it’s then so hard to get back into routine of eating properly. I’ve found eating blueberries and having bars like the nakd ones help stop those cravings!

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  2. Hi Maria!💚 I can relate to the small pleasures becoming excessive, especially when we allow fear, insecurities and doubt to override our courage. I’m beginning to learn that the daily bread we need most from God is courage. Courage to confront and conquer fear, doubt, anxiety and whatever else that keeps us from moving forward.

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  3. You bring up some good points. We have to be honest with ourselves about where our individual obsessions and compulsions lie. Self-deception can really control us. For instance, I can eat as many cupcakes as I want, and not think about them ever again. But one beer leads to things that will land me in jail.

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  4. Good evening dear. I can see that the fall of the Soviet Union has been a huge blessing for your small country but it has also exposed you to the unhealthy temptations of a consumerist society. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? Well, maybe when you pass the final Chemistry exam! Un baccione.

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  5. Vilnius, so I take it you are in Lithuania? I have been to many parts of the former Soviet Union, (when it still was the Soviet Union) but never the Baltic States. I have heard that they are lovely. Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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